Hellooooo!  Thanks for popping by our blog today!   Andy + I were doing some thinking the other night over some peanut butter toast, and we discussed all the life events that get special photographs: seniorsengagement, wedding, maternity, baby, family (and sometimes in a different order!) But what about the in-between times?  When you’re in between milestones, would love to have some special photos taken, but maybe you don’t need a full session or a hundred+ photos on a disc?

Introducing… QUICK PICS, by A+A.   Perhaps you’re in need of a new, professional-looking LinkedIn photo for your profile. (Or maybe you just want a hip new photo of yourself for your facebook page!?) Maybe you just got a new boyfriend and you’re really excited to show him off to your friends, but want to make sure you look cute in the photo! What if you just found out you’re pregnant, and you’d like a photo of your + your spouse before the baby bump?  And before you become parents?!  You might want a professional photo of your daughter before her senior prom in that gorgeous sparkly dress! Maybe you just got a new haircut and you happen to be wearing a cute outfit, and you’d love to treat yourself to a nice photo that your kids will remember?   OR!  You might be married, have kids, and the last time you had a photo of just you + your spouse was 20 years ago, at the altar of your wedding!?  Perhaps you’re along a weight-loss journey and you’d like a photo to mark your achievement?! Or, you just announced your retirement and you’d love a photo of you + your spouse that you can send to your friends in your Christmas letter!

The possibilities are ENDLESS!  Let’s think outside the box!  We would love to be a part of this special time in your life!

The quick pic session is just that — quick.  A ten minute session with Amanda + Andy, 2 high-res photos e-mailed to you, DONE!  Price? $50/person. Easy-peasy. Leave us a message or send a text with your name, number + photo idea to 317-449-9779.  OR e-mail us at . We’ll catch you back on the flippity-flop ( 🙂 ) with our availability + set you up with our payments page!  Until then!  xoxo, A+A


Katherine Ross - May 10, 2012 - 3:39 pm

I love this idea so much — you guys are brilliant!

Tony Fiorini - May 16, 2012 - 6:18 pm

Love this!

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