Back to Old Notre Dame for another memorable day. Sara & John’s wedding was chuck-full of fun details (wait ’till you see the APPLES! 🙂 ), laughter (so much laughter!) and beautiful weather. Onward, photos!

Bridal detail.

Groom(al?) detail. Cuff links made from Yankee Stadium baseballs!

And the lovely Sara. I loved her gold sash. And just Sara in genera!

Basilica, you be so lovely. (Fluffy clouds, you be so lovely too. 😉 )

This was our first time back to the Grotto since the fire.
SO glad to see that it still standing strong.

Ceremony time.

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart, in all its splendor.

He was a happy, happy dad. Maybe the happiest dad we’ve ever seen.

Speaking of happy, someone’s happy to be married.

Sara and John had a friend that let us into the ND stadium.
Here they’re marching down the tunnel while their friends sang the fight song!


We peeked into the locker room. And the showers.

This is PROOF that we have some of the coolest brides in all of history. We took a break in the middle of the day for snacks + rehydration (it was a doozy of a day) and we found Sara, covered in napkins, eating an entire pizza. She’s my favorite.

Break’s over. Back to work!

We’ve done several shoe photos on our blog this year. But I have to tell you, if your wedding includes fabulous color combos and cool shoes, I’m not going to be able to resist taking photos of your feets!

More favorites!

(Speaking of feeeets)

The reception was in the atrium at the Marriott. Beautiful. (APPLESSS! )

SUCH! A cool color combooooo!

Remind you of anyone? (complete with matching gold sash and green tie!)
(Cake done by Cakewalk, LLC It. was. delicious.)

They left a little gap in the ribbon for the cake cutting. First time we’ve ever seen it. LOVE it.

During Sara’s dance with her father, they were encircled by all three of his daughters and his granddaughter. It was one of the cutest things, ever.

Sara and John! Thank you SO! much for having us be able to capture photos of your beautiful day. We enjoy you. We wish you much love. xoxo, A+A


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